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The Island Difference


Of all the services we provide, we value most our Customer Service. When you come into our business, you can expect to be treated with the  utmost respect. You can expect your vehicle to be handled with extreme care. You  can expect our technicians to go out of their way to ensure  absolute, and  complete satisfaction.  finally, you can expect to never, ever be charged  extra or hidden fees for the services you receive. The price you are quoted is  the price you pay. THAT IS OUR PROMISE.

Ceramic Coating


We now offer full ceramic coatings for your exterior paint, trim, plastic, wheels and glass. This new age ceramic protection will guard your vehicles exterior from the harmful effects of UV rays, extreme temperatures, weathering, and harsh car wash chemicals and soaps. This super-hydrophobic ceramic coating is applied following a full paint correction and polish and will continue to protect your vehicle for up to 60 months.....In other words....

”Never wax your car again”

Our Quality Promise


The most advanced, new age vehicle protection is now available for only a fraction of what the dealerships charge. This “5 year” protective coating is guaranteed to protect your vehicle’s exterior from the harmful effects of UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, fallout, and any carwash chemicals or soaps for up to 60 months. We apply the coating to your paint, plastic trim, wheels and glass surfaces shielding them in a virtually impenetrable force field that is impervious to heat and cold, causing rain, and snow to slide right off!!! 

We are one of the first fully licensed and certified applicators of this amazing product.  

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"Great customer service is our business."

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